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Companies in the aerospace and defense industry engage in the risk-sharing business model nowadays. ALLJACK undertakes the role of key supplier, becoming your partner and managing the entire process of development and manufacturing of specific components.

One of the reasons ALLJACK is outstanding in the machining field is our strong long-term partnership with our suppliers. Our steady improvement of our products and production procedure make our manufacturing efficient, productive, and competitive in the industry. Customer satisfaction is a goal shared by both ALLJACK and our suppliers. We work for one future.

The two charts below demonstrate how we conduct supplier management.

SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT FLOW (based on AS9100 requirements)


The amount of business we do with each supplier depends on their performance, which is also a factor considered in our tendering, supplier selection, portfolio management, and other processes. We instruct low-performing suppliers to correct existing issues within a specified timeframe and may even terminate business relationships with suppliers that display exceptionally poor performance.


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In our industry, “a miss is as good as a mile”. Guaranteeing the absolute highest standards of quality is our mission. In this post we would like to introduce you our QC standard process and culture of quality.

Taking the component above as an example to demonstrate our QC procedure:

How we Continuously Improve our QC system?

Expand our QC department.

Currently, our QC team has 11 well-experienced colleagues in this industry. We are recruiting 10-20 more experts to join us. It’s a fairly high proportion of our 160-person workforce.

On-the-job training

Basic 3 units QC courses + 2 units (every month, related to different production processes)

Investment in CMM equipment

We are buying more high-end CMM equipment this year for our fast growing requests.


It simply reinforces we are the company that brings an uncompromising commitment to quality to a critical industry through the strength of our knowledgeable staff.

Notice of Headquarters Relocation

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Greeting to our loved friends & partners:

We are pleased to inform you ALLJACK Inc. will relocate to Washington DC from California in August, the main telephone numbers remain unchanged.

We will update more information soon!

We look forward to your continued support.

We will strive for providing the excellent service in appreciation of your support.

Thanks and best Regards

Aerospace Manufacturing – Choose the Right Supplier


Most aerospace manufacturing customers search for a machine shop the same way they search for almost everything else – online.  The digital marketplace is virtually teeming with manufacturers competing to build your aerospace parts, aviation components, aircraft pieces and even entire airframes.   The shift of mass-production commerce online removed the regional boundaries once limiting the manufacturing options available to each customer.  Access to international manufacturing solutions today is available to anyone with an internet connection, often at a fraction of the cost to manufacture the same parts domestically.  With so many options available online it can be challenging choosing the right supplier at first.  When you’re limited to looking at websites to make your decision, use the following checklist to choose the right overseas aerospace parts manufacturer for your needs:

  • A Modern, Intelligible Web Presence

    When you partner with a manufacturer you’re entering a business relationship involving things like concept design, material selection, all stages of manufacturing, quality assurance, and shipping.  If you’re having trouble understanding the company or their language from the start, it’ll only get more complicated as you continue forward.  An international firm truly interested in your business will take the time to create a modern, easily-navigated web presence in a format and style intelligible to you.  Outsourcing doesn’t have to be complicated, some companies just make it that way.

  • Sufficient Manufacturing Capability

    No matter how well designed, a website alone is not a stand-alone indication of firm size or manufacturing capability.  Before choosing a manufacturer for your aerospace project, make sure they are equipped to deliver the level of precision and quality you demand, in the quantity and time-frame you require.  The right supplier will have advanced CNC machinery, stringent quality controls, access to quality raw materials, and an expedited delivery schedule; you should never have to settle.

  • Experienced Industry Professionals

    A tool is useless without the knowledge of how to use it.  Aerospace components are subject to severe conditions and extreme wear and tear.  The parts you order must absolutely maintain their integrity in intense heat or cold, under crushing forces, and meet many other demanding requirements.  It is important to choose a manufacturer experienced in the design and manufacture of specialized aircraft and aerospace components.  Mistakes in the fast-paced aerospace industry can be costly, damaging, and even deadly – make sure you choose the right manufacturer the first time.

  • Delivery Schedule

    Advanced manufacturing facilities, the latest CNC machines, innovative design technologies, and experienced industry professionals can all be undermined by one thing: a delayed delivery schedule.  International relationships, unpredictable national leaders, customs regulations and much more all affect the amount of time it takes for your completed aerospace parts to be delivered into your hands.  When selecting your overseas manufacturer, seek one from a nation politically friendly to your own, with a government supportive of international commerce.  The right decision can mean the difference between receiving your product the next day, or the next month.

  • Clear Communication

    When you contract an overseas manufacturer to mass produce your aerospace components, you’re committing to ongoing communication throughout project completion.  Errors in translation can be extremely costly in both time and money.  Look for a manufacturer fluent in your language whom you understand, and who understands you.  This is especially helpful if you must visit the factory overseas.  Communication with your international manufacturer should feel as easy as communication with any of your domestic suppliers.

  • International Certifications

    Good news – some of the work has already been done for you.  International manufacturing firms are eligible for various certifications based on their standardization of procedures, level of customer service, environmental impact and awareness, safety and security controls, and more.  Reputable manufacturers will display these certifications clearly on their website helping you make your decision.  Specific certifications to look for when choosing an aerospace manufacturer include:

    • ISO9001: Recognizing standardization and customer satisfaction.
    • ISO14001: Recognizing progressive environmental policies and use of green technologies.
    • ISO27001: Recognizing stringent security controls protecting customers and designs.

    Outsourcing an aerospace project overseas involves a lot of moving parts – remove some of the worry and responsibility by choosing a previously vetted and certified mass manufacturer of precision aviation components.

  • Dedication & Service

    When you outsource a manufacturing project you’re essentially hiring a new employee.  Like employees, some manufactures will do the bare minimum and some will deliver service above and beyond your expectations.  This will become especially apparent if you must alter your design after placing the order, make a change to your existing order, or contact the manufacturer for any other reason.  The right outsourcing partner will share your dedication toward helping your company grow, and they will demonstrate that by delivering excellent customer service.

Choosing the right supplier for your aerospace parts and components is an important decision but it doesn’t have to be difficult.  This list will help you easily eliminate those manufacturers incapable of delivering the level of quality and service you require.  You have too many options to settle for less.  At ALLJACK we strive to meet each item on this checklist and more.  We believe in strong partnerships, quality production, and outstanding customer service.  Our factory is equipped with the latest 5-Axis DMG-MORI CNC Machines, operated 24 hours a day by highly-trained ALLJACK machinists.  We have experienced designers available able to help with your concept design and assist with material selection if needed.  Contact an ALLJACK representative today and get the ALLJACK Advantage; we would love to discuss your aerospace manufacturing project and show you the level of quality and service we will deliver for you.

What to Look for in a Manufacturer


There has never been a better time to outsource production to an overseas firm but with all the search results it can be difficult to know where to look or even what to look for. Outsourcing mass production is a big business decision and it’s important to make the right decision the first time. To help you choose the right manufacturer for your mass production project here is a list of the biggest things to look for in a manufacturer before outsourcing…

Taiwan Business Travel Guide

5 Reasons to Manufacture in Taiwan


It’s OK to admit, when you think of outsourcing Taiwan might not be the first country that pops into your mind – but it should be. Taiwan has emerged as global player in mass production and modern technology, providing upgraded opportunities for outsourcing that did not previously exist in other nations. If you’re thinking of outsourcing mass production here are 5 reasons you should be manufacturing in Taiwan:

3 Basics of Outsourcing Manufacturing


Each day, brilliant designs are scuttled by firms because they lack means for production.  If you have a part or component design but not the machinery, factory space, or staff to produce it, your design will never enter the marketplace.  The solution for inventors, designers, and creators who face this challenge is to outsource their production to an overseas manufacturing firm.  Thanks to numerous advances in communications technology, outsourcing manufacturing overseas is easier than ever before.  The ease of outsourcing, along with potentially massive production savings, provides a golden opportunity for firms and start-ups that need a partner they can share the task of production with.

1. Cost

The #1 reason companies outsource is to improve their bottom line.

Outsourcing production to an organization with the skill and capability to mass produce with minimal expense is, simply put, a smart business decision. The international manufacturing marketplace provides an opportunity to explore production options significantly less expensive than those available domestically.  Even once shipping costs have been included, the expense of outsourcing is often just a fraction of the costs associated with domestic production.

2. Choice

Searching online for a manufacturer will yield pages and pages of web results – how do you sort through them all?

When you outsource a project you’re doing more than getting a helping hand – you’re creating a relationship with another company.  Handing over control of a project to someone else can be hard to do, but difficulties will quickly multiply if your phone calls and emails go unanswered. For that reason alone it is wise thinking to immediately eliminate the lowest bidders.  Look for a professional manufacturer who makes the time for you, cares about your success, and understands your company vision beyond your part design.

3. Efficiency

Your company has something that it does very well – it’s important you have the time to focus on it.

A mass producer mass produces, it’s what they do.  Leave the manufacturing and assembly to a dedicated firm while you focus on company growth and resource management.  The right manufacturer will communicate so well you’ll forget they aren’t down the hall.  Delegating projects to teams and organizations most capable of completing them quickly, with minimal expense, are signs of strong leadership and help lay the foundation of smart business practice.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should outsource your manufacturing, get a second opinion.  Our representatives will be happy to explain the ins and outs of outsourcing, help you understand your options, and tell you how we can help.  Contact us today and let’s get started!

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

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Outsourcing production is a top consideration for companies who want to reduce overhead, improve their production ability, and increase their profit margins.  Also known as “offshoring”, outsourcing works by assigning projects or tasks to an outside company that may be better suited for mass production.  Relinquishing control of a project to another company is a big decision that can make or break an organization.  Before outsourcing any manufacturing overseas you need to know the biggest pros and cons of outsourcing mass production.  


Reduce Overhead

Very few companies have the human and material resources to build, equip, and staff an entire factory on-the-spot.  Additionally, the costs to manufacture in other producer countries (like tech-savvy Taiwan for example) can be significantly less than production domestically.  Outsourcing can provide a great opportunity for companies to hand off projects to those best suited for them, reducing overhead in both labor and materials.

Maintain Focus

Your company has a mission and a focus – don’t get bogged down in the details.  Outsourcing mass production can free up time and resources, allowing you to focus your energies on company growth and marketing strategy.  Handing over control of a manufacturing project to a trusted partner can eliminate a multitude of distractions and stressors.

Access Talent

When you outsource production, you’re bringing a team of dedicated and specialized talent into the fold.  Outsourcing provides access to the knowledge and experience amassed by firms with decades of mass production and industry knowledge.  These experts can help you discover alternate production methods, different materials, and other cost-saving measures you may not be exposed to otherwise.

Maximize Time

Outsourcing overseas opens your business up to new working hours – your parts can be made while you sleep.  Additionally, many of the same holidays that force domestic businesses to close are not recognized overseas, opening up more production days per year and improving delivery time.  Domestic holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July become full production days and your company never has to slow down.


Quality Issues

When you send a project offshore you lose direct control over the materials and methods used in production.  Some nations have gained negative reputations for poor manufacturing quality, driving more and more companies to break away from traditional suppliers for alternate, modernized manufacturers.  Updated websites, proper language, and a company history are things to look for when browsing online for a mass producer.  It is good practice to look beyond the cheapest bids you receive, as the savings are often only temporary after wasted production runs and an upset customer base.

Delivery Delays

Once a project is sent overseas the clock starts ticking.  When it doesn’t show up on time, you have a problem.  Poor communication, empty promises, and lack of passion about your project from the manufacturer all contribute to significant delays in delivery, creating worry and costs that could have been avoided.  When choosing an outsourced manufacturer shop for one concerned about more than just the invoice.

Legal Concerns

The same laws that govern your company may not (and likely don’t) apply where your manufacturer is located.  There is very little (aside from successful employee management) to stop an overseas employee from taking your idea, design, or schematic and reproducing it without your consent.   With a little research and investigation you can locate a professional manufacturer you trust and who hires well.  It will make all the difference.

Communication Troubles

Translation errors often result in a direct loss in revenue.  Additionally, language barriers can make it difficult to convey your company message to the manufacturer, resulting in a product that doesn’t completely represent your organization or ideals.  A dedicated translator can overcome this obstacle but the additional cost, along with the lack of direct engagement you’ll have with the manufacturer can be frustrating, undermining the potential benefit.  Beyond troubles finding common language, some overseas firms can be near impossible to contact once they’ve taken on your project causing additional grief, stress, and expense.

When you choose where to outsource you’re doing more than handing off a job – you’re choosing your partner for the production journey. With the right partner the sky is the limit.  We would love to talk about your idea or design and tell you about the stack of advantages that ALLJACK offers.  If you’re ready to take your company to the next level of production and revenue, call us today!

5 Reasons for Outsourcing Production

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Thanks to advancements in consumer and commercial technologies the international business community is closer than ever.  Ease of access to the international marketplace through consumer electronic devices and commercial software applications grants businesses of all sizes access to larger customer bases than ever thought possible.  These advancements, while potentially very beneficial, present many challenges for businesses and firms that lack the means or resources to mass produce and meet the increased demand while remaining competitive in pricing and lead time.  Thankfully it’s never been as safe, easy, and cost effective to outsource as it is today.  Here are 5 of the top reasons companies choose to outsource mass production to international manufacturers:

Cost Effectiveness

One of the top reasons for outsourcing production is reduction of overhead. International firms, like those based in Taiwan, offer mass production services at a fraction of the cost for local or in-house production.  Labor costs prevent companies from meeting demand and achieving their full potential.  Additionally, the operating costs associated with mass production can be overwhelming for many businesses.  These costs include the purchase, operation, and maintenance of the facilities and equipment necessary to mass produce with precision and speed.

Access to Industry Knowledge

Start-ups and entrepreneurs who outsource production achieve a massive advantage in knowledge and resources gained by partnering with an overseas firm.  Production leaders such as ALLJACK have virtual volumes of industry and production knowledge ready to share.  Guidance on material and production methods provides massive advantages for companies who outsource production to the professionals.  Using the right combination of methods and materials an international manufacturer reduces costs and lead-time while delivering a product exceeding expectation.

Improved Company Focus

Outsourcing production allows companies to focus on what they do best, rather than worry about tasks that are mundane and non-essential.  Outsourcing production eliminates the need to hire a large staff and source more work space.  Companies that can remain focused on their core mission are more efficient and more creative than those with too many moving parts.

Better Distribution of Resources

Businesses that devote human and financial resources to their best function, rather than juggle all the operational tasks involved with production, gain a massive competitive edge in the marketplace and better achieve their true potential.  Partnering with an overseas firm you can trust allows you to focus on company growth and development instead of production and logistics.  Companies that internalize too many processes risk financial and logistical complications that can be difficult or impossible to recover from.


Today’s marketplace demands fast delivery.  Outsourcing manufacturing to an overseas company equipped with the proper resources and personnel gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to compete at the international level.  This approach allows smaller companies the chance to partner up with multi-million dollar production powerhouses, removing limitations on their potential.

To find out more about how outsourcing can help your company reduce costs and increase profit contact an ALLJACK sales representative today!