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  • What’s happening?

The pandemic of COVID-19 is impacting in every aspect of our lives. It’s causing global meltdown devastating world economy. This challenging times not only urges the governments to take prompt reactions and measures to prevent the extension of the virus but stimulates product developers and manufacturers to get into a whole new phase.


  • Safe Environment for Steady Supplies

As the COVID-19 continues to spread out, it has restricted the majority of the places from getting supplies to build equipment to fulfill the urgent needs.

Taiwan CDC has been committing to defensing against the COVID-19 and has had some outstanding results. ALLJACK, based in Taipei, Taiwan, follows the instructions from CDC, including examining each section in production, carrying out sanitization on a daily basis. ALLAJCK is committing to expanding our capacities by extending our bandwidths and hiring more employees to continuously provide critical components.


  • What we have and what we can do?

ALLJACK is a tier 2 OEM with ISO 13485, ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certifications. Also, we have a complete supply chain which not only helps spread the risks in running the businesses but opens up more capacities for urgent demands as what’s needed right now.

Currently we are still working at full capacities for medical and non-medical orders, so we will continue with the current open orders as promised.

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Medical Field(OEM)

●Medical Device:Ventilator、centrifuge、EEG Machine. etc…

●Surgical Equipment:Surgical Clip、Surgical Instruments. etc…

●Biomedical equipment:Diagnose Device, etc…

We Manufacture Parts for

Medical Devices

When it comes to creating small, detailed, and intricate medical device parts and components, ALLJACK is your one-stop-shop, your partner in mass production. Our designers, engineers, machinists, and assembly personnel communicate often ensuring that the finished product is ready for use as quickly as possible.

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When it comes to mass production for aerospace applications ALLJACK is on the leading edge. Our engineers and machinists have the training, skills, and resources to produce detailed and miniature aircraft parts and components for a variety of aerospace applications.

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

We know that luxury cars demand luxury parts, and motorsports teams are in it to win it.  Our teams of designers and engineers have been working alongside luxury and racing automobile manufacturers for years.

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ALLJACK is your partner in creating and mass producing robotic parts and components. This advanced and technical field requires design and construction of parts in all shapes and sizes.

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Commercial Electronics

The fast-paced, creative, and innovative electronics markets require a manufacturing partner who can understand your needs and applications.  With ALLJACK you don’t have to worry about your design being lost in translation.

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We bring focus and dedication that built our reputation to the manufacture of security technology, and understand the unforgiving environments and physical abuse these parts must withstand, delivering product quality above and beyond expectation.

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We are committed to delivering excellence

ALLJACK is a professional and experienced provider of a wide variety of manufacturing services, specializing in precision metal & plastic parts in small to mass quantities.

Our customers have the ALLJACK advantage of our firmly established and well-controlled production process. We believe in long term business relationships that are based on mutual goals, ethical business practices and the single-minded pursuit of delivering perfection, every time.


  • Mechanical parts and components
  • Laser Industry components
  • Photonics Industry mechanical components
  • Opto-electrical or Optronic Components
  • Optical instrument components
  • Photo-electrical parts and components
  • Aerospace components
  • Electronic components
  • Drone parts or components
  • Miniature aircraft parts and components
  • Electro-optical product components
  • Industrial camera components
  • Marine Electronic Systems components
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Device hardware and components
  • Robotic parts and components
  • Medical device parts and components
  • Medical Instrument manufacturing
  • GPS system components

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