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3 Basics of Outsourcing Manufacturing

Each day, brilliant designs are scuttled by firms because they lack means for production.  If you have a part or component design but not the machinery, factory space, or staff to produce it, your design will never enter the marketplace.  The solution for inventors, designers, and creators who face this challenge is to outsource their production to an overseas manufacturing firm.  Thanks to numerous advances in communications technology, outsourcing manufacturing overseas is easier than ever before.  The ease of outsourcing, along with potentially massive production savings, provides a golden opportunity for firms and start-ups that need a partner they can share the task of production with.

1. Cost

The #1 reason companies outsource is to improve their bottom line.

Outsourcing production to an organization with the skill and capability to mass produce with minimal expense is, simply put, a smart business decision. The international manufacturing marketplace provides an opportunity to explore production options significantly less expensive than those available domestically.  Even once shipping costs have been included, the expense of outsourcing is often just a fraction of the costs associated with domestic production.

2. Choice

Searching online for a manufacturer will yield pages and pages of web results – how do you sort through them all?

When you outsource a project you’re doing more than getting a helping hand – you’re creating a relationship with another company.  Handing over control of a project to someone else can be hard to do, but difficulties will quickly multiply if your phone calls and emails go unanswered. For that reason alone it is wise thinking to immediately eliminate the lowest bidders.  Look for a professional manufacturer who makes the time for you, cares about your success, and understands your company vision beyond your part design.

3. Efficiency

Your company has something that it does very well – it’s important you have the time to focus on it.

A mass producer mass produces, it’s what they do.  Leave the manufacturing and assembly to a dedicated firm while you focus on company growth and resource management.  The right manufacturer will communicate so well you’ll forget they aren’t down the hall.  Delegating projects to teams and organizations most capable of completing them quickly, with minimal expense, are signs of strong leadership and help lay the foundation of smart business practice.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should outsource your manufacturing, get a second opinion.  Our representatives will be happy to explain the ins and outs of outsourcing, help you understand your options, and tell you how we can help.  Contact us today and let’s get started!


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