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5 Reasons for Outsourcing Production

Thanks to advancements in consumer and commercial technologies the international business community is closer than ever.  Ease of access to the international marketplace through consumer electronic devices and commercial software applications grants businesses of all sizes access to larger customer bases than ever thought possible.  These advancements, while potentially very beneficial, present many challenges for businesses and firms that lack the means or resources to mass produce and meet the increased demand while remaining competitive in pricing and lead time.  Thankfully it’s never been as safe, easy, and cost effective to outsource as it is today.  Here are 5 of the top reasons companies choose to outsource mass production to international manufacturers:

Cost Effectiveness

One of the top reasons for outsourcing production is reduction of overhead. International firms, like those based in Taiwan, offer mass production services at a fraction of the cost for local or in-house production.  Labor costs prevent companies from meeting demand and achieving their full potential.  Additionally, the operating costs associated with mass production can be overwhelming for many businesses.  These costs include the purchase, operation, and maintenance of the facilities and equipment necessary to mass produce with precision and speed.

Access to Industry Knowledge

Start-ups and entrepreneurs who outsource production achieve a massive advantage in knowledge and resources gained by partnering with an overseas firm.  Production leaders such as ALLJACK have virtual volumes of industry and production knowledge ready to share.  Guidance on material and production methods provides massive advantages for companies who outsource production to the professionals.  Using the right combination of methods and materials an international manufacturer reduces costs and lead-time while delivering a product exceeding expectation.

Improved Company Focus

Outsourcing production allows companies to focus on what they do best, rather than worry about tasks that are mundane and non-essential.  Outsourcing production eliminates the need to hire a large staff and source more work space.  Companies that can remain focused on their core mission are more efficient and more creative than those with too many moving parts.

Better Distribution of Resources

Businesses that devote human and financial resources to their best function, rather than juggle all the operational tasks involved with production, gain a massive competitive edge in the marketplace and better achieve their true potential.  Partnering with an overseas firm you can trust allows you to focus on company growth and development instead of production and logistics.  Companies that internalize too many processes risk financial and logistical complications that can be difficult or impossible to recover from.


Today’s marketplace demands fast delivery.  Outsourcing manufacturing to an overseas company equipped with the proper resources and personnel gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to compete at the international level.  This approach allows smaller companies the chance to partner up with multi-million dollar production powerhouses, removing limitations on their potential.

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