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Taiwan Business Travel Guide

5 Reasons to Manufacture in Taiwan

It’s OK to admit, when you think of outsourcing Taiwan might not be the first country that pops into your mind – but it should be.  Taiwan has emerged as global player in mass production and modern technology, providing upgraded opportunities for outsourcing that did not previously exist in other nations.  If you’re thinking of outsourcing mass production here are 5 reasons you should be manufacturing in Taiwan:


1: Ease of Travel

Obtaining a travel visa can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks, and beyond.  Fortunately, travel to Taiwan does not require one, granting ease of movement between between countries at a moment’s notice.  The advantages of this include better control over your product, stronger relations with the manufacturer, and peace of mind just to name a few.

2: Parallel Culture

A hotspot for culinary cuisine, Taiwan is a modern and developed country with many of the same conveniences you enjoy at home.  English is widely spoken in Taiwan eliminating any need for additional drivers, guides, or translators.  Unrestricted internet access, familiar restaurants and shops, and well-known hotel chains create an easy and familiar experience for western business travelers.

3: Diplomatic Relations

Taiwan and the United States enjoy very positive diplomatic relations.  This matters for businesses looking to outsource that want to avoid shipping delays, customs holds, and overall uncertainty when outsourcing their manufacturing.  Shipments from Taiwan arrive with within 1-2 days, not weeks.

4: Safety

While some nations can be downright intimidating to visit, Taiwan has consistently ranked as the 2nd safest country in the world.  In Taiwan you don’t have to constantly worry about theft or crime allowing you to focus on your business and your project.  Additionally, better professional controls mean that your intellectual property and privacy are far better protected than in other manufacturing nations.

5: Growth

Domestic manufacturing costs can be prohibitive, preventing your company from achieving its full production and distribution potential.  Outsourcing to Taiwan provides a production and cost advantage unavailable in the U.S. without sacrificing any quality.  Increasing production while maintaining lightning-fast delivery times with reduced overhead will allow your company to expand into larger markets and gain many advantages over the competition.

The time has never been better to outsource and there’s never been a better country to outsource to.  If you’re thinking about outsourcing your mass production project, no matter the size, we’d love to hear about it and let you know how we can help.  With offices in the United States and Taiwan we can help you achieve greater production heights than ever before.  Contact an ALLJACK representative today and enter a new level of success.


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