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Aerospace Manufacturing – Choose the Right Supplier

Most aerospace manufacturing customers search for a machine shop the same way they search for almost everything else – online.  The digital marketplace is virtually teeming with manufacturers competing to build your aerospace parts, aviation components, aircraft pieces and even entire airframes.   The shift of mass-production commerce online removed the regional boundaries once limiting the manufacturing options available to each customer.  Access to international manufacturing solutions today is available to anyone with an internet connection, often at a fraction of the cost to manufacture the same parts domestically.  With so many options available online it can be challenging choosing the right supplier at first.  When you’re limited to looking at websites to make your decision, use the following checklist to choose the right overseas aerospace parts manufacturer for your needs:

  • A Modern, Intelligible Web Presence

    When you partner with a manufacturer you’re entering a business relationship involving things like concept design, material selection, all stages of manufacturing, quality assurance, and shipping.  If you’re having trouble understanding the company or their language from the start, it’ll only get more complicated as you continue forward.  An international firm truly interested in your business will take the time to create a modern, easily-navigated web presence in a format and style intelligible to you.  Outsourcing doesn’t have to be complicated, some companies just make it that way.

  • Sufficient Manufacturing Capability

    No matter how well designed, a website alone is not a stand-alone indication of firm size or manufacturing capability.  Before choosing a manufacturer for your aerospace project, make sure they are equipped to deliver the level of precision and quality you demand, in the quantity and time-frame you require.  The right supplier will have advanced CNC machinery, stringent quality controls, access to quality raw materials, and an expedited delivery schedule; you should never have to settle.

  • Experienced Industry Professionals

    A tool is useless without the knowledge of how to use it.  Aerospace components are subject to severe conditions and extreme wear and tear.  The parts you order must absolutely maintain their integrity in intense heat or cold, under crushing forces, and meet many other demanding requirements.  It is important to choose a manufacturer experienced in the design and manufacture of specialized aircraft and aerospace components.  Mistakes in the fast-paced aerospace industry can be costly, damaging, and even deadly – make sure you choose the right manufacturer the first time.

  • Delivery Schedule

    Advanced manufacturing facilities, the latest CNC machines, innovative design technologies, and experienced industry professionals can all be undermined by one thing: a delayed delivery schedule.  International relationships, unpredictable national leaders, customs regulations and much more all affect the amount of time it takes for your completed aerospace parts to be delivered into your hands.  When selecting your overseas manufacturer, seek one from a nation politically friendly to your own, with a government supportive of international commerce.  The right decision can mean the difference between receiving your product the next day, or the next month.

  • Clear Communication

    When you contract an overseas manufacturer to mass produce your aerospace components, you’re committing to ongoing communication throughout project completion.  Errors in translation can be extremely costly in both time and money.  Look for a manufacturer fluent in your language whom you understand, and who understands you.  This is especially helpful if you must visit the factory overseas.  Communication with your international manufacturer should feel as easy as communication with any of your domestic suppliers.

  • International Certifications

    Good news – some of the work has already been done for you.  International manufacturing firms are eligible for various certifications based on their standardization of procedures, level of customer service, environmental impact and awareness, safety and security controls, and more.  Reputable manufacturers will display these certifications clearly on their website helping you make your decision.  Specific certifications to look for when choosing an aerospace manufacturer include:

    • ISO9001: Recognizing standardization and customer satisfaction.
    • ISO14001: Recognizing progressive environmental policies and use of green technologies.
    • ISO27001: Recognizing stringent security controls protecting customers and designs.

    Outsourcing an aerospace project overseas involves a lot of moving parts – remove some of the worry and responsibility by choosing a previously vetted and certified mass manufacturer of precision aviation components.

  • Dedication & Service

    When you outsource a manufacturing project you’re essentially hiring a new employee.  Like employees, some manufactures will do the bare minimum and some will deliver service above and beyond your expectations.  This will become especially apparent if you must alter your design after placing the order, make a change to your existing order, or contact the manufacturer for any other reason.  The right outsourcing partner will share your dedication toward helping your company grow, and they will demonstrate that by delivering excellent customer service.

Choosing the right supplier for your aerospace parts and components is an important decision but it doesn’t have to be difficult.  This list will help you easily eliminate those manufacturers incapable of delivering the level of quality and service you require.  You have too many options to settle for less.  At ALLJACK we strive to meet each item on this checklist and more.  We believe in strong partnerships, quality production, and outstanding customer service.  Our factory is equipped with the latest 5-Axis DMG-MORI CNC Machines, operated 24 hours a day by highly-trained ALLJACK machinists.  We have experienced designers available able to help with your concept design and assist with material selection if needed.  Contact an ALLJACK representative today and get the ALLJACK Advantage; we would love to discuss your aerospace manufacturing project and show you the level of quality and service we will deliver for you.


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