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Custom Automotive


At ALLJACK we know that all cars are not created equal.  Designers of luxury cars and limited-edition sports motor racing vehicles often need parts or components that aren’t available on the market – because they don’t yet exist.  When manufacturers need to create and mass produce specialized parts for their luxury or custom automotive projects, they reach out to their partner in design and mass production – ALLJACK.

We know that luxury cars demand luxury parts, and motorsports teams are in it to win it.  Our teams of designers and engineers have been working alongside luxury and racing automobile manufacturers for years.  We have the experience, creative minds, and the resources to help design, create, and mass produce specialized mechanical parts and components.


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Why ALLJACK for Custom Automotive Parts?

We recruit the best international talent and provide our teams with regular training to stay ahead of industry trends. Our design teams give you the ALLJACK advantage, working your project through completion eliminating communication errors and maximizing efficiency. Our highly-skilled machinists use the latest in DMG MORI CNC Machinery to mass produce quality automotive parts and components of high quality with extreme precision.

  • Years of experience helping to design and produce custom mechanical parts and components for motorsports racing vehicles
  • Dedicated teams to assist in the creation of specialized parts for luxury automobiles
  • 5-Axis DMG MORI CNC Machines capable of quickly mass producing small, detailed, and intricate parts and components
  • Streamlined production processes minimizing costs and lead-time
  • Interwoven quality control processes ensuring product integrity


Our CNC facility is run by highly skilled and trained programmers and machinists. It operates 24 hours a day, producing the highest quality parts for our customers.

We run top-of-the-line 5-Axis CNC machines from DMG Mori equipped with robotic arms in our CNC Turn/Mill Center. These machines produce the most precise milling cuts in the industry, and are extremely efficient, so we are able to produce the best quality in less time.


Selection of Raw Materials

A perfect finished product starts with flawless raw materials.  Our engineers have decades of experience designing and creating unique concepts for the automotive industry.  We work closely with our customers to determine the proper materials required to produce your luxury and motorsport automotive part and component designs.  All raw materials at ALLJACK undergo a rigorous incoming QC inspection ensuring a flawless and functional finished product.


We recruit the best CNC machinists from around the world and provide them with constant training.  Our specialists input design data into our computer system with extreme attention to detail.  Using the latest DMG MORI CNC machinery, our machinists apply the correct operations, tools, and equipment necessary ensuring absolute accuracy.


Once your design has been manufactured to exact specification, components undergo surface treatments to achieve their desired visual and functional effects.  We offer a wide range of colorization options which, if selected, will be applied during this stage.  Components are assembled if necessary and checked for proper function.

Microscopic inpection of parts for quality assurance

Inspection and QC

At ALLJACK we have the absolute highest levels of quality control.  Our inspection teams verify the quality and function of your project using a host of testing instruments.  Prior to shipping all parts and components undergo intense quality control inspections ensuring project accuracy and customer satisfaction.  Products are inspected to ensure they meet any and all required automotive industry standards, and so that the finished product best represents the original design in its entirety

Packing and Shipping

A perfect product is of no use if it is damaged during shipping.  All finished materials are packaged carefully by a dedicated department to ensure delivery in perfect condition.  At ALLJACK we use trustworthy and reliable international carriers to deliver our completed work, leaving no room for error.

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