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PRECISION Prototyping

ALLJACK provides of a variety of prototyping services to verify precision and function before mass production.  The ALLJACK advantage lies in our controlled production process, rigorous quality and cost controls, and our high maintenance standard.

The “A-Team” at ALLJACK can meet and overcome any design challenge, completing your prototype exactly to specification.

Prototype Options

Appearance Prototype

The Appearance Prototype is a non-functioning visual model showcasing observable characteristics (color and dimension) for visual and tactile inspection.


Mechanical Prototype

The Mechanical Prototype is a fully-functioning model used to demonstrate exact dimension, functionality, assembly, and tolerance for an overall structural inspection.  Producing and testing a mechanical prototype prevents costly modifications after mass production begins.


 Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping quickly generates a model using CAD technology and 3D printing.  Rapid prototyping can significantly reduce the test cycle and cost.



ALLJACK uses a punch and mold system stamp desired effects on the finished product.  Stamps work best panels, strips, tubing, individual parts, and other units made from steel, and copper or aluminum alloy.



Our CNC facility is run by highly skilled and trained programmers and machinists. It operates 24 hours a day, producing the highest quality parts for our customers.

We run top-of-the-line 5-Axis CNC machines from DMG Mori equipped with robotic arms in our CNC Turn/Mill Center. These machines produce the most precise milling cuts in the industry, and are extremely efficient, so we are able to produce the best quality in less time.


Selection of Raw Materials

Nothing enters our warehouse until it passes our rigorous incoming quality control proceduresOur design engineers have produced countless prototypes and working closely with you can determine the proper raw materials for necessary for completing your prototype.


Using DMG MORI 5-Axis CNC Machines our highly-skilled CNC machinists create prototypes with extreme precision.  They skillfully apply the correct operations, tools, and equipment necessary for extreme accuracy.  Our factories are kept at controlled levels of temperature and humidity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Once your prototype is complete, you can select different surface treatments for a desired visual effect.  We offer a wide range of colorization options to choose from.  Components are assembled if necessary and checked for function.

Microscopic inpection of parts for quality assurance

Inspection and QC

We hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards of quality control.  Using a number of inspection instruments, our team verifies the quality and function of your prototype. Prototypes are carefully inspected by quality control ensuring they meet your specifications, any and all required standards, and represent the original design in its entirety.

Packing and Shipping

Your finished protptype is carefully packaged by our team ensuring delivery in perfect condition.  We use reliable international carriers to deliver your prototype leaving no room for error.

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