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A saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention.” There are many brilliant inventions answer a different human need. TIME magazine lists the 25 best consumer inventions of 2017 such as robots-Jibo, VR headset-Oculus GO, glasses for blind-eSight, etc. Other magazines also report amazing medical inventions such as pain monitoring device and wearable monitor for chronic illness management-NIMO. To make the idea real, enthusiasm entrepreneurs or talent designers came up with an innovative solution and then put the wheels in motion to create inspirational products.

Touching moment of eSight :

We’re excited about collaborating with entrepreneurs, inventors, thinkers, and makers around the globe and bringing inventions to life. Every time, when we receive startup manufacturing request, we are passionate and willing to support their projects. We know great ideas can spark transformation and reshape our lives in an extraordinary new way.

However, most entrepreneurs aren’t aware that translating a cool idea into thousands of reliable and affordable products is extremely complex and time-consuming. When platforms like Kickstart and Indiegogo first emerged, a routine story happens often. A crowdfunding campaign whips up excitement, successfully receives a deluge of funds, and the project ended up with nothing to show for it. David Mandelbrot, Indiegogo’s CEO, says “We have learned that there is a long road from having a working prototype to having a manufactured product.”

Don’t panic.

We bridge the gap by using our advanced technical, manufacturing knowledge to identify the important project issue and customize manufacturing solution for you. We help you at every step from concept into mass production. We are once a visionary young entrepreneur, although we have grown to become an international leader in mass production. We have not forgotten our humble beginnings, and understand how difficult it is for new startups to enter the competitive world. Therefore, we are here with you, even from low-volume order. Lets’ Dream it. Make it. Ship it.

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